What is Food Security?

Food security exists when everyone has access to safe, nutritious food of the variety and amount that they need and want, in a way that maintains their dignity.

Food security also exists when people are able to earn a living wage by growing, producing, processing, handling, selling, and serving food, as well as when our planet is protected for future generations.

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Vision of Food Security in Nova Scotia - Spoken Word and Kinetic Typography


Make Food Matter logoMake Food Matter
is a strategy to support FoodARC partners in building community food security (CFS) across Nova Scotia by moving research to action.

The toolkit for the strategy is comprised of five main streams of action – community dialogues, policy, advocacy, social innovation and effective communication. Each action stream contains an array of resources that form an online toolkit, intended to mobilize over 10 years of research and our collective experiences.

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Projects & Activities

For Students

Rooted in lived experiences, real community needs and learn more about activities, research and strategies for creating change! Innovative solutions, ACT for CFS amplifies and broadens conversation, research, and action to strengthen capacity for policy change.

For Students

Voices for Food Security in Nova Scotia builds on more than a decade of collaborative and community based participatory research to improve knowledge, understanding and action to create the conditions to address food insecurity in Nova Scotia.

Participatory Action Research is a process of producing new knowledge that incorporates multiple perspectives by systematic inquiry with the collaboration of those affected by the issue being studied for the purposes of education and taking action to effect social change.

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