The Food Action Research Centre, or FoodARC, is a research centre at Mount Saint Vincent University committed to research and action to build food security in Nova Scotia and beyond.


We are driven by the belief that inclusion, collaboration, and community mobilization and an understanding that engaging those affected by food security in research and advocacy is needed for real change to occur. Our principles are embedded through all of our projects and activities:

  • Vital: Food is fundamental to sustaining human life and critical to all life stages.
  • Participatory: Research involves those affected by food insecurity and engages communities in collective action.
  • Innovative: Recognizing there are no simple solutions, real innovation will take all of us – individuals, organizations, government, and all sectors of society – and a diversity of perspectives to bring about long-term, holistic change.
  • Equitable: Restoring balance, sustainability and social justice.

Mount Saint Vincent University

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Associated with the Department of Applied Human Nutrition, FoodARC embodies Mount Saint Vincent University’s commitment to social responsibility, the advancement of women and preparing students for global citizenship.

FoodARC continues the strong tradition of the Mount by working collaboratively with those affected by food insecurity to enhance the welfare of individuals and communities.

In addition, the participatory action research and ways of knowing approaches offer students hands-on opportunities to enhance both technical skills and gain experience in working with communities for social change and improved health at many levels.