Founding Meeting of the Nova Scotia Food Policy Council

Founding Meeting Of The Nova Scotia Food Policy Council

Nova Scotians from all walks of life and all sectors of the food system held a Founding Meeting of the Nova Scotia Food Policy Council, on April 19th at the Holiday Inn in Truro.  These dedicated individuals, many of whom participated in a major Food Summit in last fall and an inclusive Food Policy Council organizing meeting in January, elected an Interim Board with Chair, Ralph Martin and Vice-Chair, Av Singh. The Board will meet within two weeks to decide on the Executive, Mission, Principles and Goals.

This meeting brought together many people from across the Province who share the goal of a secure, sustainable, and just food system that will benefit all Nova Scotians, now and in the future. The Council will help facilitate the work of the many organizations and individuals already working to bring this about. New links will be forged between all participants in our food systems in order to increase the effectiveness of everyone’s efforts.

The Council will be a means for gaining information about issues and challenges, seeking out and helping to implement solutions, and raising public awareness of the environmental, health, economic, social and many other benefits of supporting a sustainable food supply for all Nova Scotians. The challenges are huge, but already more than 100 people from all sectors are participating. This pioneer group welcomes other like-minded citizens to bring their wisdom and knowledge to the upcoming

Ralph Martin, Interim Chair

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