Vancouverites Enjoy Fresh Eggs from Their Own Backyard

The City Council has finalized the bylaw to allow homeowners in Vancouver to raise chickens in their backyards.  The Council has set certain guidelines on the personal ownership of these hen houses.

“Bird enclosures must be one metre from the property line and three metres from the nearest door or window.”

Another important part of the new zoning bylaw is that no other fowl are included under this new ruling.   The city of Vancouver has set up an online registry to account for how many people have hen houses.

A member of the Vancouver Food Policy, Trish Kelley, is glad to see that the zoning laws are finally in place.

So now we’re good to go no one has to be an outlaw to keep chickens in Vancouver

The City Council also addressed the potential issue of seized and abandoned chickens by building a shelter for the chickens that are left behind.

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