Newfie Enjoys Fresh Carrots Year Round 

Newfie Enjoys Fresh Carrots Year Round

Cecil Francis from La Polie has discovered how to eat fresh carrots year round.  His secret is two large pots of mud in the basement of his home.  He picks the carrots fresh from the garden and replants the carrots in the mud pot with the green stems sticking out.  Cecile picks the carrot out of the mud and claims that the carrot is as fresh as when he picked it in September. 

 Francis began growing his own food because he lives in a small community and the fresh food shipments are sometimes delayed due to the weather

One thing that sets his garden apart from others in his communities is the fact that Cecile uses satellite dishes as pots for the fresh produce. 

We find they grow better – it’s up off the ground so you don’t get insects

Full article from The Telegram.