Poverty Elimination Act Introduced In House of Commons


From the Social Detriments of Health Listserv:

The Poverty Elimination Act was introduced in the House of Commons today. It’s purpose is “to impose on the federal government the obligation to eliminate poverty and promote social inclusion by establishing and implementing a strategy for poverty elimination in consultation with the
provincial, territorial, municipal and Aboriginal governments and with civil society organizations.” Below are a couple of youtube links of the press conference that was held this morning.

The Bill was introduced by Tony Martin of the NDP and seconded by Yves Lessard of the Bloc Quebecois and Mike Savage of the Liberals. When it is passed, we will have an actual engagement on the federal level in poverty elimination which, combined with work at the provincial, municipal and community level, could create the momentum to make a difference.

The children who were born on November 24th, 1989 when the all-party resolution to end child poverty was passed, will turn 21 this year. This bill is our opportunity to change things so no future generations, their parents or other community members will live in poverty.

Please do whatever you can to let people know about this legislation and encourage
your MP to support it.