No Farms, No Food

No Farms, No Food

A new organization has been formed in the valley to help preserve our valuable farmland. If we can’t make food, we can’t eat.

From the No Farms No Food website:

No Farms No Food is a community coalition located in Kings County, Nova Scotia. Our volunteer work aims to preserve farmland from residential, commercial and/or industrial development.

We are farmers, tourism and business operators, wild life enthusiasts, teachers, health care professionals and individuals from every walk of life. Our commonality?  We all call the Annapolis Valley “home” and are committed to its long term sustainability.

Our work is essential to increasing food security in Nova Scotia and supporting a farm economy that has sustained farms, fields and families in Nova Scotia since the 1700s.

Members of No Farms No Food have been active in the development of the Food Policy Council of Nova Scotia and in the development of a Land Trust aimed at providing the option of agricultural land banking.  We actively support the 100-mile diet and the importance of purchasing and promoting locally produced foods. 

We need your help to oppose the loss of farmland. Join us.  Be seen, listen, speak out, write a letter to Councillors and to the Minister of Agriculture. These are all necessary steps on the road to stopping any additional development of our farmland.