Calgary City Coucil looking into local, sustainable food supply


CTV News is reporting that the Calgary City Council is looking into their Food Policy based on an expert group:

Last summer, council asked several local experts to take a look at our city, geography, and agriculture and suggest ways to make them all work together so that we can have a bigger, local food supply.

The experts say there are several reasons for wanting a local food policy. One is the environment as many people are concerned about the carbon footprint left behind by trucking food in. They believe this can be reduced by growing food right here in Alberta.

Another concern is food security like the e-coli contamination in vegetables from a factory a few years ago.

Some of the groups recommendations were to put local farmers markets on transit lines, making sure there are grocers in the communities and also setting aside more land for community gardens.

Halifax is looking into putting a community garden on the former site of the Queen Elizabeth High School.

You can find the full CTV story (and video) here.