Community Root Cellar Grants Summer 2011

Flickr photo courtesy Raphael Borja
Flickr photo courtesy Raphael Borja

From the Ecology Action Centre:

The Ecology Action Centre is looking to support community root cellars throughout Nova Scotia. We will be awarding between 2 and 6 $400 grants to help communities purchase materials and/or hire a builder to construct a community root cellar.

Potential root cellars must be located in community owned spaces.  Root cellars in private homes or businesses are not eligible. Root cellars must also be located in Nova Scotia.

We have collected a variety of resource and information materials on root cellaring.  We have also completed construction on a root cellar of our own, located in the basement of the Ecology Action Centre. We are happy to provide advice and information for organizations and individuals building r

oot cellars, regardless of whether your application is successful.  If you are considering building a root cellar in your community, but are not yet in a position to construct a root cellar, please send us an email and tell us more about your project.  We are looking to gauge interest in this type of project.

For more information or to apply, please click here.