Upcoming Event
How do we reconcile the true costs of food (social, environmental & economic) with affordable price?

Come join us on Tuesday, March 12th from 1-3pm at the FoodARC (2 Melody Drive, on the MSVU campus) as we explore this dynamic food security issue. The purpose of the gathering is to connect, foster relationships and have a  great discussion about an important issue where community, human needs, the environment and the economy intersect around food.  We are seeking a diversity of experiences and perspectives to create the most meaningful dialogue. Space is limited; please RSVP to nsfoodsecurity@gmail.com by March 7th. Kindly see and circulate the flyer for more information.

Miranda Cobb will be hosting the gathering based on her project with the Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation for Food Systems at Waterloo University. This event is supported through the Nova Scotia Food Security Network