Nova Scotia’s Youngest Registered Farmer

Picture of Thian CarmanThis article is about one inspiring, amazing youth. Thian Carman, a grade eight student of Digby County, is the youngest registered farmer in Nova Scotia. At 14 years old, he has blueberry fields to mow and harvest, hay to cut and bale, maple syrup to tap and boil plus sheep and chickens and their eggs to look after – all by his own choosing and his own passion for farming.

“Usually young people work on their parents’ farm and they then take it over when they get older,” says Carman. “But since I started a new one, it’s in my name.”

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Thian intends to keep expanding the farm so that it will pay for college.

He wants to go the Agriculture College but isn’t sure if he’ll focus on animal husbandry (raising beef) or horticulture (growing blueberries).

His goals are, by the time he’s 50, to have 100 aces of blueberries, a barn with sheep and cows and more hay fields.

“I’d also like to get some wetland and throw a cranberry bog in there,” he says.

Whatever happens, his intention is to farm.

“You can make a living farming,” he says. “But you have to be careful and pick something that fits with where you live.”

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