Political Candidate Forum on Child Care – MSVU (Thurs. Sept. 26th, 6:30PM)

Political Candidate Forum on Child Care

This Thursday, September 26th there will be a discussion with political party candidates around child care. The event will take place at 6:30PM at Mount Saint Vincent University in the Seton Academic Centre Auditorium.

Child care is an important issue and has an indirect impact on food insecurity. For people living in poverty, food is often the most flexible part of their budget compared with fixed costs such as shelter, power, childcare and transportation. If these fixed costs could be reduced, more income will be left over to allow low-income families and individuals to purchase a healthy diet (see the Participatory Food Costing Project page and Report on 2012 Participatory Food Costing for more info).

The floor will be open for participant questions, so bring your issues to discuss. In order for the political candidates to see child care as an important issue, the auditorium needs to be filled. Please support child care and the political campaign to raise awareness and put childcare on the agenda for increased budget! Spread the word and forward this message to anyone who is touched by child care.