Food Secure Canada Congratulates the Food Action Research Centre (FoodARC)

Logo - Food Secure CanadaFood Secure Canada is a national organization focusing on zero hunger, healthy and safe food and sustainable food systems with members right across the country. We congratulate the Food Action Research Centre (FoodARC) and its lead community partner, the Nova Scotia Food Security Network, on the release of the final report from five years of groundbreaking research through the Community-University Research Alliance: Activating Change Together for Community Food Security (ACT for CFS). The innovation, the commitment to participatory processes and the analytical rigour which characterize the report is a model for community food work and research, not only across Canada but around the world1.

Food Secure Canada shares FoodARC’s vision of healthy, just and sustainable food systems, anchored in community, and welcomes the dialogue and the partnerships that this carefully documented study illustrates. At our 8th National Assembly, Waves of Change: Sustainable Food For All, taking place next week in Halifax, this innovative work will be highlighted in several sessions and the methodological practices and holistic vision behind the project will be shared with organizations right across the country.

Food Secure Canada looks forward to continuing our work with FoodARC and its many community partners to Make Food Matter and to infuse policy making with the wisdom that comes from such groundbreaking work. It is through making connections between issues which sometimes seem separate – equity, health and sustainability – that we shall build better food systems.

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Diana Bronson
Executive Director
Food Secure Canada