Making Food Matter: Moving Our Research to Action

As a result of more than ten years of collaborative and community-based participatory research, a wealth of knowledge has been produced about food systems and food access in Nova Scotia.

Make Food Matter is a strategy to support FoodARC partners in building community food security (CFS) across Nova Scotia by moving research to action. The toolkit for the strategy is comprised of four main streams of action – community dialogues, policy, advocacy and social labs – each containing an array of resources that form an online toolkit intended to mobilize over 10 years of research and our collective experiences.

We envision this toolkit to equip our partners – individuals, community groups and organizations – with the tools and resources to share this knowledge to reach communities, policy makers and governments at all levels with the message that Nova Scotians want to “Make Food Matter” and see change. The toolkit is designed to be easy to use and to meet partners wherever they are in their activism endeavors.

Our vision for community food security is communities with healthy, just, and sustainable food systems that provide opportunities to drive local economic prosperity, strengthen our community resilience and support good health, for all Nova Scotians now and into the future.

MFM Streams of Action

The toolkit is set for launch by March 31st, stay tuned for more information!