Ecology Action Centre Hiring Community Food Coordinator

Please see the attached JOB POSTING for the position of Community Food Coordinator at the Ecology Action Centre, based in the Halifax office. This is a maternity leave replacement that will begin early-mid June 2015 and end mid July 2016.

This position is part of the project Our Food: Reconnecting Food and Community and is one of two project co-leads of a highly collaborative 7 person team.  Co-leads are responsible for management of the current project, long term planning of the work, fundraising and partnership building.  Fundraising for 2017 and beyond will be a priority during the term of this position. Additionally, this position is the lead on the Policy Change and Civic Engagement work of the project, and responsible for fulfilling policy related deliverables.

The Deadline to apply for this position is April 30th, 5pm. Please see attached for details.

This posting can also be found on GoodWork Canada: