Make Food Matter Toolkit NOW LAUNCHED!

Nova Scotia is poised to be a leader in creating healthy, just and sustainable food systems. Make Food Matter is a strategy to support FoodARC partners in realizing this vision by moving research to action.

Users of the site have the ability create accounts and build a personalized portfolio of tools from our four main streams of action – community dialogues, policy, advocacy and social innovation. Each action stream contains an array of resources intended to mobilize our research and collective experiences.

Over a decade of community food security related research at FoodARC has been informed by voices from across Nova Scotia. Residents who experience food insecurity, those who work with those who experience food insecurity, farmers, producers, and government partners have all shared their voices through story sharing sessions, interviews, photos, and video. Users can explore a gallery of these voices to hear what Nova Scotians have to say about food security in their communities.

Our research findings are informed by two research projects based at FoodARC: Voices for Food Security in Nova Scotia (Voices) and Activating Change Together for Community Food Security (ACT for CFS). These projects, along with many others, represent nearly 15 years of participatory research on community food security in Nova Scotia.

NSTo paint a more complete picture of the current state of community food security in Nova Scotia, we have combined our research findings with the findings from other research projects from across Canada. Browse through the Evidence section for more information.

We encourage you to explore the website and help us Make Food Matter for all! Use the hashtag #MakeFoodMatter on social media