We’ve published a new paper!

Be sure to check out the article The Capacity Building Experience of Women Engaged in Determining the Cost and Affordability of Healthy Food in Nova Scotia, Canada in the Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, written by Christine P. Johnson, Patricia L. Williams and Doris E. Gillis.

An excerpt:


Since 2001, the partners involved in the NS Participatory Food Security Projects (NSPFSP) have focused on gathering data about the affordability of a nutritious food basket through province-wide participatory food costing (PFC). Over this period, the NSPFSP developed long-standing partnerships with people from different sectors working toward strengthening capacity at the levels of individuals, organizations, and communities, with the long-term aim of achieving food security among all Nova Scotians. The partners have done so by recognizing and honoring the perspectives of women facing the daily challenges of providing healthy affordable food for their families. This article documents individual-level capacity building processes and outcomes described by women with relevant lived experience of food insecurity who were engaged in determining the cost and affordability of a nutritious diet through the innovative approach of participatory food costing. Further, it connects these individual-level outcomes to community, organizational, and systems levels and describes the extent to which these women were able to both gather evidence about the cost of feeding their families and build capacity for change to address their food insecurity.

A quote from one of the Food Costing Participants included in this article can be found here.