Food security in Nova Scotia – CBC

Food security in Nova Scotia – CBC

Did you know that Nova Scotians experience some of the highest rates of food insecurity in Canada? Currently, 18.5% of Nova Scotians, and a total of 4 million Canadians nationwide are struggling on a daily basis to provide food for themselves.

Earlier this week, FoodARC’s Director, and Canada Research Chair in Food Security and Policy Change, Dr. Patty Williams, was featured not only in an article published by CBC, but also on CBC’s Information Morning, where she spoke of the current state of food security within Nova Scotia, the strides being made here and throughout the country, and the social policy changes still needed to increase the access Canadians have to healthy, affordable, and acceptable food.

Here is  Dr. Williams’ segment on Information Morning [the original air date was March 7th, 2016] 
Why so many Nova Scotians are struggling to keep food on the table Information Morning – NS

To read the article, please click the link below: 
Nova Scotia’s food security lags compared to much of Canada


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