Can Nova Scotians Eat Healthy? Launch of the 2015 Report on Participatory Food Costing

Flyer invite to the March 2, 2017 FoodARC eventOn March 2nd, the Food Action Research Centre (FoodARC) shared its most recent report on whether Nova Scotians can afford to eat healthy at an event hosted at the Dartmouth North Community Food Centre.

Since 2002, FoodARC and its partners have carried out participatory food costing every few years to examine the question: Can Nova Scotians with low incomes afford to eat a healthy diet?

This question is important because we have seen increasing food insecurity across Canada, and because Nova Scotia has the highest rate of food insecurity of all Canadian provinces.

Participatory food costing is unique in that people with experience of food insecurity (primarily women) participate in all aspects of the research process, including doing training and collecting data on access to a basic nutritious diet in grocery stores across Nova Scotia.

The FoodARC team would like to say thank you to all those who came out this morning to the launch of the 2015 Report on Participatory Food Costing.

Special thanks to the Dartmouth North Community Food Centre, Catherine Martin, Deirdre Lee, and Corrie Melanson for their enormous contributions to today’s event.

Can Nova Scotians afford to eat healthy?
Report on 2015 Participatory Food Costing
– released March 2, 2017

Find this report and previous Food Costing reports at their permanent home online.

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