Poverty in Nova Scotia

Poverty in Nova Scotia

Infographic - Additional Affordability Scenarios
Affordability Scenarios – 2015 Report on Participatory Food Costing. (PDF 2.9 MB | 5 pages)

The following text is an excerpt from the article “Poverty in Nova Scotia — not in our name! Vince Calderhead on the budget and the election“.

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Last month’s Nova Scotia election budget found money to provide tax cuts for the middle class and businesses but not a single additional penny to the poorest of the poor; people who depend on social assistance to survive (70% of whom have disabilities).

As Robert Devet and others have reported, when inflation is taken into account, social assistance recipients have effectively had tens of dollars per month cut from their income.

Read the full article by Vince Calderhead on the Nova Scotia Advocate website.