Participatory Action Research and Training Centre on Food Security presents a talk from Winsome Parnell (Phd) on Tuesday, May 22, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. Dr. Parnell’s research interests include national surveys, poverty and nutrition, food security, maternal and infant nutrition, Pacific Islands’ nutrition, and nutrition policy. She has examined the effects of low income on nutritional status amongst families in New Zealand and is working on the socio-economic determinants of nutritional status in New Zealand. Currently she is the nutrition Director of the 2008/09 New Zealand Adult Nutrition Survey team based in the Life in New Zealand Nutrition and Activity Research Unit (LINZ).

Link to todays Chronical Hearld (Halifax, NS) with video from parliment. OTTAWA — The UN’s right-to-food envoy is raising the alarm about hunger and poor diets in Canada, but the federal government says he is wasting his breath.

OTTAWA — Canada needs to drop its “self-righteous” attitude about how great a country it is and start dealing with its widespread problem of food insecurity, the United Nations right-to-food envoy says. In a hard-hitting interview this week with Postmedia News, Olivier De Schutter also blasted Canada for its “appallingly poor” record of taking recommendations from UN human-rights bodies seriously. …

UN envoy blasts Canada for ‘self-righteous’ attitude over hunger, poverty Read more »

Olivier de Schutter and his team will be in Canada until May 16th . Plans are moving full steam ahead for a series of nine civil society meetings in four cities, as well as meetings organized by Aboriginal organizations and various levels of government. For a list of civil society meetings, please see Food Secure Canada’s www site: