Policy 101: Community Action Workshop

Policy 101: Community Action Workshop

Policy 101: Community Action Workshop

An interactive Workshop to help sharpen your policy skills.

This was an exciting opportunity for advocates, practitioners and volunteers at the community level to access information and tools to better understand and influence policy. The one-day workshop aimed to demystify policy, share stories from the field, integrate local level research and offer practical tools for mapping policies, planning campaigns and local action.

Participants were invited to propose a policy issue that the group could use as a real life example for the hands-on portion of the day. An essential component of the workshop was to give participants the opportunity to work in groups to integrate their learning and use the tools presented to address a real-life policy issue.

Graphic created at the March 24, 2014: Policy 101 Workshop

Missed the workshop?
You can catch up on the content with these PowerPoint presentations used by facilitators:


Influencing policy is a key part of FoodARC and its partners’ work. When trying to influence policy, it is important to understand the full context of the issue. This Policy Mapping Activity document is a useful resource to guide this process.


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