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Nourishing Nova Scotia: A Graphic Story

Design students worked with the ACT for CFS Policy Working Group to create a graphic story of food security and community involvement.

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What Does it cost to eat healthy in your community? A Training Guide to Participatory Food Costing

This guide provides all the information needed to do food costing studies from start to finish. Food costing is a way to examine how much it costs for individuals and various household types to access a basic nutritious diet. Individuals

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Make Food Matter Toolkit

Make Food Matter is a strategy to support FoodARC partners in building community food security across Nova Scotia. We have gathered a range of tools that we have found to work well in supporting action on community food security. We hope it will support you and your organization, wherever you are at in your efforts.

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Thought About Food? A Workbook on Food Security & Influencing Policy

This workbook was developed as part of a series of research projects on food security.

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The Hand You’re Dealt

In January 2015, Voices partnered with a design class taught at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) to create the scenario-based game.

The game is intended as a tool to share the Participatory Food Costing findings and affordability scenarios.

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Food Security: It’s Everyone’s Business (DVD)

The DVD was designed to complement the Thought About Food? workbook and to be used as a stand-alone resource.

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