• Photo - Food options


    Because our local food systems can make our economies thrive. Nova Scotia grows and produces a wide variety of foods that have the potential to feed our population and beyond.

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  • Photo - Picking apples

    Better Health

    Because good food offers us the nutrition we need to satisfy our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health.

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  • Photo- Fresh vegetables from the local farmer's market

    More Flavour

    Because local carrots taste better.

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  • Photos - Mussels

    Freshest Seafood

    Buy seafood out of the back of a truck because fresh seafood is part of Nova Scotian culture. Support our fishermen for fresh and local seafood.

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  • Photo - Grandmother and Grandchild cooking together

    Family Connections

    Because your grandmother’s recipes should be passed on through generations. Special family moments often happen in the kitchen.

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  • Photo - Margaretha van den Hoek Field inspects some cheese


    Because food systems give jobs to many Nova Scotians through farming, fishing, processing, transporting, distributing, preparing, and serving food. Our food system sustains the livelihoods of many families in Nova Scotia.

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  • Photo - Learning how to cook

    Kitchen Skills

    Because everyone should know how to cook at least 10 meals by the time they finish high school. These meals should not come from a box. Start with fresh and seasonal ingredients to create your own masterpiece.

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  • Photo- Learning how to eat Lobster

    Taste Adventures

    Because trying new locally produced foods is a culinary adventure. Take advantage of local food festivals around the province and be adventurous with food!

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  • Photo - Dinner out with friends

    Richer Community

    Because we connect by sharing food and recipes. Communities unite through shared passion, local connections, and good food.

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  • Photo - Farmer holding milk from cattle

    More Farmers

    Because everyone should know where their food comes from. Get to know your local farmers, fishers, bakers, and producers.

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  • Photo - Sharing a meal among friends


    Because communities gather around food to celebrate successes, special events, and local traditions.

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  • Photo - Dinner meal at a restaurant

    Eating Pleasure

    Because mealtimes are the best parts of the day. Food ignites all five senses. Listen to the sizzle, smell the aromas, see the rainbow of colours, feel the variety of textures, and taste the endless flavour combinations that food has to offer.

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