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To create the conditions for healthy, just and sustainable food systems in NS, we need to move the KNOWLEDGE gained from research to ACTION (a.k.a knowledge mobilization). However, the process of making this happen is rarely straightforward and over the years we have realized it can occur in many different ways. With this in mind we have gathered a range of tools that we have found to work well in supporting action on community food security. We hope it will support you and your organization, wherever you are at in your efforts, and help you customize your own action portfolio of tools.

Action Streams

Moving knowledge to action is political in nature and works to influence decision-making and policy. It requires that the right information be available to the right people in the right format at the right time, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the knowledge becomes commonplace in our communities. To support our collective efforts to achieve healthy, just, and sustainable food systems in Nova Scotia, we have compiled a collection of our favourite tried and tested resources and several new tools too.

For many, calling a community dialogue about forming a group in their community is a significant and often essential action laying the ground work for future activities. Whereas, established groups may seek action through increasing their understanding of food-related policies and using innovative approaches to advocate for change. It is important to recognize they are all contributing to the building of stronger relationships within and between communities, and are ultimately helping to grow the conversation and build momentum for action on community food security.


Community Dialogue

What are Community Dialogues?
Explore this action stream to learn how to plan, coordinate, host, and evaluate your own community dialogues.

Community Dialogue


What is Policy?
Unravel the world of policy and learn how to navigate the political system and work towards policy development and change.

Social Innovation

What is Social Innovation?
Investigate this evolving field further and learn about local projects underway using social innovation approaches to effect change.

Social Innovation


What is Advocacy?
Discover a range of advocacy strategies available to make your voices heard and to influence the changes you wish to see.

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Effective Communication

What is effective communication?
Information needs to be communicated in ways that are easy to understand and use, and simple to share with others. Effective communication is essential and cross-cuts all Action Streams. Learn more about various strategies and tools available to engage a range of audiences.

Effective Communication