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Our research findings are informed by two research projects based at FoodARC: Voices for Food Security in Nova Scotia (Voices) and Activating Change Together for Community Food Security (ACT for CFS). These projects, along with many others, represent nearly 15 years of participatory research on community food security in Nova Scotia.

Over the years we have collected data on a range of community food security measures including:

  • Whether households can afford to eat healthy
  • Stories from people on a limited income who are trying to provide nutritious foods for themselves and/or their families
  • The risk of food insecurity based on where people live in relation to food outlets (e.g., grocery stores, farmers markets)
  • Reasons why people can’t get the foods they or their family need to lead healthy and productive lives
  • The many challenges associated with accessing local food (e.g., challenges around growing and producing food and/or cooking meals at home)

To paint a more complete picture of the current state of community food security in Nova Scotia, we have combined our research findings with the findings from other research projects from across Canada.

15.4% of Nova Scotians experienced food insecurity in 2014

As a result, we have learned about what makes it easier for people to access affordable, healthy and appropriate foods. We have also identified timely opportunities for building healthy, just, and sustainable food systems across Nova Scotia. The report, Making Food Matter: Strategies for Activating Change Together, has been dubbed the most comprehensive report on community food security ever produced in Nova Scotia. The report represents our collective understanding and experience of community food security and outlines a framework of broad intersecting fields that influence it. You can explore our Make Food Matter framework using the side panel on the right.

Please explore the Action section of the Make Food Matter website to learn more about ways we can influence these fields of influence.

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