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OUR VISION for community food security is communities with healthy, just, and sustainable food systems that provide opportunities to drive local economic prosperity, strengthen our community resilience and support good health, for all Nova Scotians.


HEALTHY food systems provide supportive environments for equitable access to appropriate amounts of safe and nutritious foods as a resource for physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health for all people. People are able to satisfy their needs and preferences, and have the knowledge, resources and abilities necessary to improve their own health.


JUST food systems honour the rights of all individuals to dignified and equitable access to food, including the economic and social resources to do so. People working within these systems are able to earn an appropriate living and are treated fairly. JUST food systems also ensure that everyone has equitable opportunities and abilities to participate in decisions that affect them.


SUSTAINABLE food systems maintain the health of the environment without jeopardizing the ability of current and future generations to harvest and produce food (farming, fishing, hunting, and foraging). SUSTAINABLE food systems restore and protect natural resources, because without healthy environments, we will not have food.

OUR GOAL is to support partners to effectively share Food Action Research Centre (FoodARC) findings in innovative ways to grow the conversation about creating healthy, just and sustainable food systems, and ultimately move our research knowledge to action in order to Make Food Matter for all Nova Scotians.

FIVE AREAS RIPE FOR ACTION on community food security in Nova Scotia are: