Looking Back to Move Ahead

Looking Back to Move Ahead

Infographic - Additional Affordability Scenarios
Affordability Scenarios – 2015 Report on Participatory Food Costing. (PDF 2.9 MB | 5 pages)

Nova Scotia has consistently reported some of the highest rates of food insecurity in Canada and there is growing momentum to increase access to nutritious and culturally appropriate food produced in socially just, ecologically, and economically sustainable ways – in ways that advance food justice and food sovereignty.

Thanks to a SSHRC Connection grant, FoodARC has embarked on the project: Looking Back to Move Ahead: Outreach, Knowledge Mobilization, and Intersectoral Exchange to Advance Food Security in Nova Scotia.

The project involved collaborating with local organizers to co-host a series of regional gatherings that serve as opportunities for outreach, knowledge and story sharing, action planning, and capacity building, and which focused on local priorities and interests.

The project also involved engaging new and existing partners in a visioning and planning session to map out FoodARC’s next direction and priorities in the areas of food security, sovereignty, and justice research in Nova Scotia.

Launch of Report on 2015 Participatory Food Costing

See below for the presentation slides and harvest reports of regional gatherings that have taken place to date, including the launch of FoodARC’s Report on 2015 Participatory Food Costing that launched in March 2017.

South Shore Regional Gathering

Kings County Food Summit