Cultural Food Security: Building Connections and Capabilities for New Immigrants in Nova Scotia

2018 – 2019

This new project is funded the by a MITACS grant in partnership with Just Us! Development & Education Society (JUDES). The project team will explore how to foster cultural food security for new immigrants and refugees in NS by examining factors that contribute to their food insecurity, as well as the relevance of community-driven local initiatives and programs (such as community gardens, food-skill development workshops, farmers’ markets, as well as other local food processes and operations) as potential opportunities to contribute to cultural food security. The project is designed to engage service providers and new immigrants to NS in the co-creation and mobilization of knowledge and capacity to address food insecurity.

Closely connected to the Mitacs funded research is the “skills development and knowledge sharing for cultural food security for newcomer immigrant and refugees living in the HRM” project (2018-2019) funded by the Change Lab Action Research Initiative (CLARI) under the lead of Dr. Jennifer Brady. The project seeks to develop a conceptual framework for cultural food security and to understand the depth, scope, and complexities of cultural food insecurity among newcomers to the HRM.

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