Dismantling stigma

Dismantling stigma: Exploring experiences of and views on food insecurity, social exclusion, and shame among women through participatory action research

2018 – 2020

Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Dismantling Stigma will focus on creating more compassionate social environments for women experiencing food insecurity as a means to contribute to social and systems change to address food insecurity.

Working with women with experience of food insecurity in ‘cooking as inquiry’ interviews and transformative learning experiences, the project team aims to:

  1. better understand the nature of exclusionary social relations (interactions) that occur at institutional and interpersonal levels;
  2. make meaning of these relations; and,
  3. translate, and apply this knowledge in new and creative ways to support policies and programs that improve the lives of those who experience food insecurity.

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Project Update

In 2019, we developed and piloted the process for the Cooking as Inquiry (CAI) workshops. The first CAI group workshop was held in February 2020. Unfortunately, the other CAI group workshops we had planned, had to put on hold as a result of COVID-19. We are currently in the process of finalizing an adapted version of the CAI workshops that will allow us to fulfill the overall goal and objective of this research while adhering to public health guidelines.

We have also submitted two papers for publication, and have another paper in the process.