Voices for Food Security in Nova Scotia logoVoices for Food Security in Nova Scotia

2005 – 2017

Overview & Purpose

The Participatory Food Costing Project has changed its name to Voices for Food Security in Nova Scotia. Voices for Food Security in Nova Scotia continues to build on more than a decade of collaborative and community based participatory research to improve knowledge, understanding and action to create the conditions to address food insecurity in Nova Scotia.

Voices emphasizes key stakeholder and local-level community engagement in using the research to build capacity, support actions and drive policy change for food security.


Voices activities including collecting and analyzing information on the cost of a basic nutritious diet, followed by knowledge sharing, advocacy and action to bring more awareness to the issue of food insecurity and build our collective capacity to address this serious and growing problem in Nova Scotia. There are two key activities within the Voices project:

If you are interested in learning more about the project, contact the Voices Project Coordinator at foodarc.coordinator@msvu.ca.
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