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Resources and Publications

Make Food Matter logoFoodARC created the Make Food Matter website and toolkit to support our partners to move research to action around community food security across Nova Scotia. The toolkit contains various resources to support work around the key areas of effective communication, community dialogue, policy, social innovation and advocacy. It uses creative and refreshing approaches to communicate key messages about food security and provides an online interactive space for collaboration.

The Hand You’re Dealt game mats

The Hand You’re Dealt is an interactive knowledge mobilization tool designed for Voices partners to share FoodARC’s Participatory Food Costing findings. The goal of the game is to create empathy for people experiencing food insecurity, and to correct the perception that people living in poverty would be able to afford a healthy diet if they simply made better spending choices. The game also outlines policy changes that could make a difference in the food access of low-income households. If you are interested in having a copy of the game, contact us.

Below are resources and publications associated with the Participatory Food Costing projects.


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Can Nova Scotians afford to eat healthy?
Report on 2015 Participatory Food Costing
– released March 2, 2017

2015 Report cover
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2015 Report cover
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Can Nova Scotians afford to eat healthy? Report on 2012 Participatory Food Costing
– released May 9, 2013

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