The following represents some of our recent publications associated with the various FoodARC projects.

Project-Specific Publications and Resources

Publications and Resources from Activating Change Together for Community Food Security

Publications and Resources from Voices for Food Security in Nova Scotia


All Publications and Resources by Year

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Andrée P, Langille L, Clement C, Williams P, Norgang E. Structural Constraints and Enablers to Community Food Security in Nova Scotia, Canada. Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, 2016. DOI: 10.1080/19320248.2016.1157547. (PDF, 2,460 KB | 34 pages)


Rossiter MD, Colapinto CK, Khan MK, McIsaac JL, Williams PL, Kirk S,. Veugelers PJ. Breast, formula and combination feeding in relation to childhood obesity in Nova Scotia, Canada. The Maternal and Child Health Journal September 2015, Volume 19, Issue 9, pp 2048-2056. Abstract available at:

McIsaac JL, Li Chu Y, Blanchard C, Rossiter M, Williams PL, Kirk S, Veugelers
P, Raine K, . The impact of school policies and practices on students’ diets, physical activity levels and body weights. A province-wide practice-based evaluation. Canadian Journal of Public Health . Can J Public Health 2015;106(2):e43–e51. Available at:

Johnson CP, Williams PL, Gillis DE. The Capacity Building Experience of
Women Engaged in Determining the Cost and Affordability of Healthy Food in Nova Scotia, Canada. J Hunger Environ Nutr. 2015. 10 (3): 356-378. Available at


Activating Change Together for Community Food Security. (2014).Making Food Matter: Strategies for Activating Change Together. Halifax, NS: Food Action Research Centre (FoodARC), Mount Saint Vincent University. (PDF, 9.2 MB | 106 pages)

Tarasuk V, Hamelin A, Williams PL, Ostry A, Raine K. Poland B, Bocskei E,
Naomi D. A survey of food bank operations in five Canadian cities. Biomed, 2014, Vol.14, pp.1234. doi: 10.1186/1471-2458-14-1234. Available at:

Kirk S, Kuhle S, McIasacc JL, Williams PL, Rossiter M, Ohinmaa A, Veugelers
P. Food security status among Grade 5 students in Nova Scotia, Canada and its association with health outcomes. Public Health Nutrition. available on CJO2014. doi:10.1017/S1368980014001414. Abstract available at:

Newell F, Williams PL, Watt C. Is the Minimum Enough? Affordability of a
Nutritious Diet for Minimum Wage Earners in Nova Scotia (2002-2012). Can J Public Health. 2014;105(3):e158-e165. Available at:

Knezevic I, Hunter H, Watt C, Williams PL, Anderson B. Food insecurity
and participation: A critical discourse analysis. Critical Discourse Studies. 2014, Vol.11(2), pp.230-245. Available at:


Can Nova Scotians Afford to Eat Healthy? Report on 2012 Food Costing (PDF, 6.6 MB | 43 pages) and Supplementary Tables (PDF, 1.9 MB | 16 pages)

Williams PL, Anderson BJ, Hunter H, Watt C. The Nova Scotia Participatory Food Costing Projects (2001-2011): Evaluative learning from ten years of participatory research. 2013. (PDF, 1.9 MB | 79 pages)

Williams PL, Lake, S. The Provision of Charitable Food Assistance in Canada: Forging a More Adequate Response Key Findings from the Halifax Regional Municipality. 2013. (PDF, 585 KB | 10 pages)

Partners of the Nova Scotia Participatory Food Costing Project. Pictures that Represent Voices…Examining Impacts of Participatory Food Costing on Communities and Organizations. 2013. (PDF, 1.4 MB | 32 pages)


Williams PL, Amero M, Anderson B, Gillis D, Green-LaPierre R, Johnson C, et al. A participatory food costing model in Nova Scotia. Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research. 2012;73(4):181-8. Available at

Green-LaPierre R, Williams PL, Glanville T, Norris D, Hunter H, Watt C. Learning from ‘Knocks in life’: Food insecurity among low-income lone senior women. Journal of Aging Research. 2012;Article ID 450630:11 pages. Available at

Williams PL, Watt C, Amero M, Anderson B, Blum I, Green-LaPierre R, et al. Affordability of a nutritious diet for Income Assistance recipients in Nova Scotia (2002-2010). Canadian Journal of Public Health. 2012;103(3):183-8 Available at:

Williams PL, MacAulay R, Anderson B, Barro K, Gillis DE, Johnson C, et al. “I would have never thought that I would be in such a predicament”: Voices from women experiencing food insecurity in Nova Scotia, Canada. Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition. 2012(2-3):253-70. Available at:


Can Nova Scotians Afford to Eat Healthy? Report on 2010 Food Costing (PDF, 1.2 MB | 39 pages) and Appendices (PDF, 635 KB | 25 pages)

Noseworthy B, Williams PL, Blum I, MacLeod M. The availability and relative cost of locally produced foods in grocery stores in Nova Scotia. Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, 2011, 6: 188-206. Available at


Williams PL, McIntyre L, and Glanville T. Milk Insecurity: Accounts of a Food Insecurity Phenomenon in Canada and Its Relation to Public Policy. Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, 2010, 5(2): 142-157. (PDF, 229 KB | 17 pages)


Cost and Affordability of a Nutritious Diet in Nova Scotia: Report of 2008 Food Costing (PDF, 330 KB | 30 pages) and Appendices (PDF, 593 KB | 40 pages)


Green RJ, Williams PL, Johnson CS, Blum I. Can Canadian seniors on public pensions afford a nutritious diet? Canadian Journal on Aging, 2008, 27 (1): 69-79. Available at

Cost and Affordability of a Nutritious Diet in Nova Scotia: Report of 2007 Food Costing (PDF, 2 MB | 328 pages)

Participatory Food Costing: Making the Connection
The Second Nova Scotia Food Security Gathering: Making the Connection II
(PDF, 4 MB | 19 pages)

Carlsson L, Williams PL, Brown L, Millar N, Reimer D, McKitrick A, Kay A. Mobilization around Food Security within the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships: A National Scan. 2008. (PDF, 162 KB | 33 pages)

Carlsson L, and Williams PL. New Approaches to the Health Promoting School: Participation in Sustainable Food Systems. Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, 2008;3(4): 400-417. (PDF, 127 KB | 19 pages)

Langille, L, Romanow, P, Munro I, Lyons R, Bull A and Williams, P. Building Collaborative Capacity for Research and Influencing Policy: The Rural Communities Impacting Policy (RCIP) Project. Journal of Rural and Community Development, 2008:3(3):23-55. (PDF, 176 KB | 33 pages)

What Does it Cost to Eat Healthy in Your Community? A Training Guide to Participatory Food Costing (PDF, 341 KB | 60 pages) and Attachments (PDF, 83 KB | 28 pages)


Healthier Food, Healthier People Project: A Joint Initiative. Public Health Agency of Canada, Atlantic Regional Office; Health Canada, Atlantic Regional Office. January 2007. (PDF, 860 KB | 100 pages)

McIntyre, L, Williams, P, Glanville, NT. Milk as a Metaphor: Low-Income Lone Mothers’ Characterization of Their Challenges Acquiring Milk for Their Families. Ecology of Food and Nutrition, 2007;46:263-279. (PDF, 115 KB | 19 pages)


Building Food Security in Nova Scotia Through Participatory Food Costing: 2004/05 Food Costing Update. 2006. Nova Scotia Nutrition Council and Atlantic Health Promotion Research Centre. (PDF, 291 KB | 10 pages)

Williams PL, Johnson CP, Kratzmann MLV, Johnson CS, Anderson BJ & Chenhall C. Can Households Earning Minimum Wage in Nova Scotia Afford a Nutritious Diet? Canadian Journal of Public Health, 2006, 97 (6): 430 – 434. Available at:

Thought about Food? Understanding the Relationship between Public Policy and Food Security in Nova Scotia, a Background Paper and Policy Lens (2006) (PDF, 271 KB | 48 pages)

Capacity Building for Food Security Through Mentoring and DVD (2006) (


Thought About Food? A Workbook on Food Security & Influencing Policy (DVD-Available) (

Williams, PL & Johnson CP. The Value of Participatory Food Costing: Views of the Participants and Support People, Post Spring 2002 Food Costing. September 2005. (PDF, 248 KB | 23 pages)


Participatory Food Security Projects Phase I and II, Building food security in Nova Scotia. Using a participatory process to collect evidence and enhance the capacity of community groups to influence policy. June 2004. Atlantic Health Promotion Research Centre, Nova Scotia Family Resource Centres/Projects (funded by the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program & Community Action Program for Children), Nova Scotia Nutrition Council. Report (PDF, 468 KB | 87 pages) and Appendices

The struggle to feed our families in Nova Scotia: What does story sharing tell us? May 2004. Nova Scotia Nutrition Council and Atlantic Health Promotion Research Centre. (PDF, 261 KB | 10 pages)


The struggle to feed our families in Nova Scotia: What does food costing tell us? September 2003. Nova Scotia Nutrition Council and Atlantic Health Promotion Research Centre (PDF, 390 KB | 4 pages)

Williams PL, McIntyre L, Dayle JB, & Raine K. The ‘wonderfulness’ of children’s feeding programs. Health Promotion International, 2003. 18 (2):163-170 (PDF, 63 KB | 8 pages)

A National Environmental Scan of Strategies for Influencing Policy to Build Food Security (PDF, 506 KB | 85 pages) Environmental Scan Highlights (PDF, 245 KB | 7 pages)

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